HEVC (H.265) is not only the compression solution for UHD (ultra-high definition); it will also enable HD at under 3Mbps, enabling some telcos to deliver it even on their longest copper loops. Here Charles Cheevers, CTO for CPE at ARRIS, outlines the drivers for his company’s new HEVC IPTV set-tops, including the 30fps HEVC model that is perfect for 4K movies and the 60fps 10 bit version suited to premium sports, where frame rates are perhaps even more important than resolution. He also discusses why 802.11ac is the ‘killer’ WiFi solution for getting 4k around the home, why ARRIS has put more focus on STB looks, and the role RDK plays in getting features to market sooner.

Source: http://www.v-net.tv/hevc-stbs-ready-for-3mbps-hd-4k-movies-and-uhd-sport

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