CEO William Mainguy: “We’re bridging two very interesting worlds. We are very much about that open marketplace where great things can happen that are under the control of both viewers and filmmakers.”

Vancouver digital film distributor Reelhouse has just unveiled a suite of new features for its platform, including flexible payment systems, improved product bundling, greater content control, and discount offers to special audience groups. In conversation with Cantech Letter, Reelhouse founder and CEO William Mainguy said, “We’re building our features to appeal to the majority of filmmakers and content creators out there, rather than just a place to upload a film with ad revenues. We give them different monetization tools, different marketing tools, different ways to showcase their film, and different purchasing or monetization options.”

It doesn’t take much knowledge of the film industry to appreciate how potentially game-changing Reelhouse’s approach is.

Source: Cantech Letter

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