Here are a few excerpts from an interesting article on digital advertising:

Brands are taking their automated digital ad buying operations in-house, and they’re doing so swiftly

  • In-house spend is the fastest growing category in the programmatic ecosystem,
  • The movement of programmatic operations in-house will likely be concerning to ad agencies, the traditional stewards of marketers’ advertising creative and media operations.
  • Every month, 60 billion ad impressions are purchased through Index
  • Since Index services only the sell side, it requires buyers provide more information than usual….which is what allows the categorization.
  • The two main categories driving the in-house movement are financial and CPG advertisers
  • ad buyers are frustrated with ad agencies’ approach to programmatic.

(Editor’s note: What is Programmatic Direct?  One definition: Programmatic direct is a way to automate direct ad buys for set campaigns.)


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